Immersion Courses

Immersion Courses

7th-8th September, 2019

Mr. Abhinav Iyer, head – leadership development COE and L&D, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, took the immersion course on the topic of “Mergers and Acquisitions” on 7th and 8th of September 2019. He used multiple simulations and activities to make the students understand about M&A.

For the simulation, he divided students into two groups – acquirer (big group) and target (small group). Through multiple activities, the students were familiarized with the integration approach – if organization autonomy should be high or if strategic independence should be high.


Then, the day proceeded to understand various stakeholder profiles (blockers, skeptics, teachers, guides, climbers, sponsors, friends/ connectors) in the integration process.

Through the role play of the town hall meeting between the leadership team of acquirers and the entire target company employees, the HR issues were discussed which included the dilemmas, anxieties and expectations of the target company employees.


Then, the focus turned to the change journey and the HR manager’s priorities along with the key activities of HR managers and the phases – pre combination, combination and post-combination were discussed.

The students discussed various industry practices and case studies related to some of the successful and failed merger and acquisitions.

In the final activity, the students were asked to perform analysis using RTSC (Real Time Strategic Change) methodology and point out the glad, sad and mad aspects of the given topic. There were two principles that were to be followed:

  1. No one has monopoly over the truth
  2. Every voice is heard and acknowledged.

Merger and Acquisition can be completed successfully, if the combination factors of dissatisfaction with the status quo, vision for change and first action step overpowers resistance to change.

Leadership Talk on “Change management through a case and a story “
19th - 20th September, 2019

An immersion course in change management was offered by Mr.Sandeep Kochhar, Founder, Blewminds Consulting.

The course started with the introduction of Change management through a case and a story. Students were asked to analyze the problem statement in the case and come up with alternative solutions for better implementation of a massive change in concerned organization in the case.

The course progressed with introduction of various change management models like the Kotter’s 8 stage model and the 5 A’s model for a behavioral change. Concepts integral to change management like Stakeholder Analysis, Power and Influence and the Impact vs Intent of any change were also introduced to the students through real corporate examples.

A Role play to understand the importance of communication in Change Management was also administered in the course.

The second day started with the presentations given by different groups on how to approach a change situation in the organization. The importance of understanding grapevines in organizations and identifying the change champions was explained. 

After this, the various tools to face change and resistance were discussed to facilitate engagement and communication. The instructor also mentioned about the detailed communication plan and ADKAR model.

In the final session, importance of feedback in organizations was discussed.

Overall, the immersion course provided good insights and helped the students to understand the process of change management in detail.

Immersion Courses : 17th - 19th August, 2018

Immersion Course were offered to the XAHR students by Mr. Somdeep Deb, Associate Vice President, Consulting at Right Management India and Mr. Bimal Rath,the Founder and Managing Director of Think Talent Services Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon on 17th and 19th August, 2019.

Mr. Somdeep Deb

It’s a known fact that leaders of organizations that go from good to great, start by getting the right talent on the bus, wrong talent off the bus and right talent on the right seats.But the bigger question remains – “Do we have the right bus to attract and engage the right talent?” The talent war will never be over and hence, delivering a consistent positive employment experience is the ultimate test for organizations. These are some of the thoughts brought to perspective during our interactions with Mr. Somdeep Deb (Associate Vice President, Consulting at Right Management India) at our campus. 

Som, as he is fondly referred to by one and all, was with us on 18th and 19th August and we together explored the topic of ‘Employer Branding.’ We now firmly believe, that the two biggest challenges today’s organizations grapple with, are creating a distinct EVP for itself and striving to make sure that they live up to the promises! It was a pleasure to host Som at our campus and get some of the contemporary and exciting point of view from the industry. 

Mr. Bimal Rath

Mr. Bimal Rath, the Founder and Managing Director of Think Talent Services Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, India took an immersion course for the students of XAHR on 17th and 18th of August.
The theme was “Talent Assessment and Career Management for the Modern Workforce”. He believes that “To stay relevant, one needs to keep evolving and improving which invariably involves helping other people succeed as much as helping yourself succeed.”
It was a pleasure for us to host him and get a sneak peek into the topic from industry point of view.